About Us

OriganoxTM was developed by Rad Natural Technologies a company which, specialized in the development of patented innovative natural solutions of antioxidation management which improved food quality and enhanced health with natural plant extracts.

Rad was established in Israel in 1996 by Dr. Rina Reznik, who holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and is a world -wide known expert in oxidation processes and the application of antioxidants. This R&D-oriented company operated its own well-equipped laboratory for tests and new applications. In addition, RAD specialized in detecting and tracking oxidation processes in food systems and in developing methods for analyzing oxidation. 

During 2007 RAD Natural Technologies and all its assets were acquired by Frutarom.  The acquisition followed a joint venture, in 2004, that gave Frutarom global marketing rights of RAD's natural multifunctional extract OriganoxTM.  Rad's CEO, Dr. Reznik continues to manage Rad and Origanox development through the same operating facility unit under the new ownership of Frutarom.