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Lipid oxidation is the second major cause of spoilage in meat, poultry and fish products. It has a tremendous impact on their shelf life, quality and brand value. The oxidation of fatty acids in animal tissue starts instantly after slaughter. The unsaturation level of the lipid fraction and the level of oxygen determine the oxidative instability of the products.  Fish and poultry with highest levels of unsaturated fats are the most susceptible meat products, followed by pork, beef and lamb.  High oxygen exposure either from air or water will significantly increase the oxidative instability. Initial quality, postmortem age and additional processing conditions such as temperatures, UV light, metals and minerals also affect their oxidation rate.

OriganoxTM natural extract provides an optimal antioxidant solution to protect against rancidity, color loss, and nutritional deterioration caused by oxidation. OriganoxTM is highly effective and easy to use in any meat or fish product. Origanox is well suited to all types of meat processing like injection, tumbling, marinating, grinding and emulsifying.

Meat applications

  • Deli meat products:

Chicken sausages
Dehydrated sausages

  • Salami
  • Cooked ham
  • Pre cooked meat & ready meals:

Chicken nuggets
Pre cooked turkey

  • Raw uncooked meat:

Chicken burger
Beef burger
Ground beef (MAP)
Salted ham  

Fish application

  • Tilapia fillets
  • Fresh & frozen salmon:

Smoked salmon
Salmon pate
Salmon Roe

  • Precooked fish products
  • Marinated herring fillet