Products and Technology

OriganoxTM line is based on natural extracts from edible herb species. OriganoxTM extracts are considered GRAS by the FDA (21 CFR chapter, part 182)

Origanox is rich in plant phenolics. Its active natural compounds are powerful free radical scavengers and have been shown to possess significant health benefits

 The various OriganoxTM products are standardized for their activity. 

OriganoxTM grades for ANY food


Typical Food Applications


Water-soluble Origanox for emulsions or foods that contain any water. Meat, Fish, Dressings, Snacks, Bakery products.



Water-soluble Origanox with extra strength, mild taste and color properties. For delicate applications of WS type. 



Oil soluble Origanox for pure oil applications 
Vegetable frying Oils, Paprika Oleoresins, Carotenoids, Nutritional Oils. Fried and baked products


The OriganoxTM Advantage

  • The OriganoxTM Advantage
    Neutral Taste
    Origanox range of products includes extra-mild grades to meet the taste requirements of any application - even very delicate ones
  • Heat-Stable
    Proven stability and carry-through properties under high frying and baking temperatures (180°C/356°F)

  • Highly Efficient, economical
    The chemical properties of the active compounds in Origanox enable them to effectively target and specifically act at the susceptible water/oil interface.  This unique feature and its high level of active compounds make Origanox highly effective at low dosage

  • Water-Soluble
    Dissolves easily in water even at very low temperatures, such as in ice cold water

  • Oil - soluble
    Dissolved easily in oil, highly efficient in extending the shelf life of fried and baked products.

  • Health enhancing Nutraceutical
    Provides health benefits due to high ORAC value and anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties of the main active ingredients,

  • 100% Natural
    OriganoxTMmanufacturing  standards
    Manufactured under quality management conditions in compliance with ISO 22,000, DS 3027/Codex Alimentarius (HACCP) and GMP. Kosher and non-GMO certificates are available upon request.