Baked & Fried Foods

Baked and fried products such as breakfast cereals, crackers, health bars, breading mixes, are all subject to oxidative processes which limit the products shelf life and negatively impact their quality.

Fried and baked snacks are particularly susceptible to oxidation, due to several oxidation accelerating factors:

  • High temperature processing
  • Large surface area
  • Salt/Minerals/Metals Content
  • Room temperature storage and the need for a long shelf-life

Saturated and trans fats are much more stable toward oxidation. Unfortunately they cause cardio-vascular diseases and type II diabetes. Following the 2006 new trans-fats labeling regulations, many manufacturers consider their replacement by healthier unsaturated oils and require solutions to address oxidation challenges.

OriganoxTM provides a natural solution to protect these foods against rancidity and nutritional deterioration. Further more, due to its neutral taste, OriganoxTM can be used in more delicate applications such as sweet or neutral bakery goods and snacks.

OriganoxTM WS may be added directly to the dough prior to baking or frying. OriganoxTM OS types will add extra protection for the frying or spraying oils.



  • Crackers
  • Cookies
  • Granola bars
  • Biscuits
  • Fried snacks