Oils & Fats

Almost all foods, either raw or processed, contain fat.  Lipids play an important role in our diet and have a great impact on our health. The physical and chemical features of fats and oils also make them highly important for food preparation, structure and sensorial properties. The quality of fat has therefore a significant impact on foods quality.

Lipid oxidation is one of the major deteriorative factors impacting fat and thus food quality. Oxidation is a serial and self-accelerating reaction initiated by free radicals, unsaturated fats and oxygen. High temperatures, high oxygen level and high concentrations of unsaturated fats, metals and UV light all increase the rate of the reaction. If uninterrupted, oxidation will exert many chemical modifications resulting in unfavorable rancid off flavors, color changes, loss of nutritional value and even health hazards.     

Saturated and trans fats are much more stable toward oxidation. Unfortunately they cause cardio-vascular diseases and type II diabetes. Following the 2006 new trans-fats labeling regulations, many manufacturers consider their replacement by the healthier unsaturated oils and thus require a solution for oxidation.

OriganoxTM natural extract provides a perfect solution to protect foods against rancidity and nutritional deterioration. Due to its high efficiency and neutral taste, OriganoxTM is applicable to almost any food including the more delicate applications such as sweet or neutral bakery goods and snacks.

OriganoxTM OS types provide efficient oil protection even under extreme conditions like frying.   OriganoxTM OS successfully replaces and outperforms synthetic antioxidants like TBHQ. This feature of Origanox is unique and not possible with any of the other natural antioxidants or herbal extract offered on the market.  TBHQ is an efficient synthetic antioxidant but has been linked with cancer and its usage around the world is either totally forbidden or limited by regulations to a upper limit of 200 ppm. In contrast, OriganoxTM OS may be used at any dosage to provide maximum and optimal protection.

Successful oil applications with OriganoxTM OS include vegetable frying oils, spraying oils for baked snacks, nutritional oils like fish and omega 3 oils and red carotenoid oils like paprika oleoresin.


  • Frying oils
  • Omega 3 oils
  • Carotenoid oils