Dietary Supplement Nutraceutical

OriganoxTM WS is obtained from high quality Origanum Vulgare herbs known for their beneficial, medicinal properties. In addition   to its many applications as a natural food antioxidant, OriganoxTM extract is also used in dietary supplements, as a nutraceutical ingredient. The manufacturing process of OriganoxTM is solvent free and ensures a quality extract that contains neither undesired chemicals nor solvents.  The extract is considered GRAS and non-toxic and may be freely and safely consumed as a dietary supplement.

OriganoxTM is a high ORAC antioxidant

The USDA estimates that the average person needs 3,000-5,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units per day in order to generate enough free radical scavenging capacity to protect blood plasma and tissues. The main natural source of free radical scavenging capacity is derived from fruits and vegetables. Most Americans have a daily intake of 1,200 ORAC units only. The average person is in a daily deficit of 1,800 to 3,800 ORAC daily units. In a recent test an ORAC value of 5,800 units was determined per 1 gram of OriganoxTM.  Thus consumption of one or two OriganoxTM 500mg capsules makes it possible to attain the daily ORAC units intake as recommended by the USDA.

OriganoxTM WS contains at least 24% of plant phenolics, an important group of secondary plant metabolites of which Rosmarinic acid derivatives  are considered one of the key metabolites. This group of substances is known for its diverse medicinal applications and is considered to be highly bio-available due to its hydrophilic nature. Rosmarinic acid and Plant phenolics  are found in substantial quantities in several species of food grade herbs belonging to the Labiatae (Lamiaceae) family of plants, which have been known for thousands of years for their medicinal uses and benefits. 

Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy activity

In vitro studies have shown that Rosmarinic acid is effective in inhibiting intra-cellular pathways, linked to inflammatory processes. Therefore it is likely that Rosmarinic acid may help support the body's defense system against a variety of chronic as well as acute inflammatory and allergic diseases and other pathophysiological processes such as:

Glycosidase inhibitor for hyperglycemia and diabetes II management

Hyperglycemia is an abnormal postprandial increase in blood glucose and has been linked to the onset of insulin-independent, diabetes type II.  Inhibition of glycosidases, enzymes which are involved in breaking down carbohydrates to glucose prior to their absorption from the intestine, decreases the rise of blood glucose, especially after meals.

In vitro studies have shown that OriganoxTM shows a significant inhibition of  a-glucosidase and a-amylase activities, suggesting its high potential for helping the management of hyperglycemia and Diabetes type II.

Use of OriganoxTM as dietary supplement may provide an alternative, safe and natural way to alleviate and prevent inflammation, allergic reactions and hyperglycemia without the drawbacks and negative side effects caused by conventional treatment with synthetic drugs.

Medical evidence accumulated over many generations, ample in vitro and in vivo studies and a rich body of scientific know how make OriganoxTM a very attractive and beneficial tool supporting and enhancing human health.